Sober lines with street cred style and tough cookie robustness, that’s the rationale behind the latest laptop cases created by tech air.


Choose from the Series 1 bags available in 4 sizes from the tablet PCs to the desktop replacement laptop. Gorgeous classic look in black with a hint of urban design with a light blue interior and practical spin (just open the front pocket and you will see for yourself that you are spoilt for choice of where to store your iPod/ MP3, pens, phone and the likes.  

Lateral protection™ is one of the latest innovations from tech air and offers very clever panelling of foam for the new Series 3 Premium modern classic bags. Protecting your laptop, netbook or tablet from the traps of urban life has become much easier.

Available in 3 sizes you can choose from a classic city camouflage look in black to trendier and more personal shades in dark grey and deep plum.