London – September 2011 – Forget the buzz, forget the noise, and tune in to the techair vibe!


Unleash your own buried rhythm and find the rhythm of your own drum, that’s  the latest self-help tip from tech air and if like most of the musically challenged tech air people you want to get a head start we have a solution for you.  Express yourself by making a pick into the vibrant colours and sleek designs from tech air’s latest range of slipcases.   Your trendy netbooks, smartphones and the latest tablets (not to say iPad) will be matched with these slim and ever so   practical new neoprene slipcases.

lifestyle_image3_400_01Truthful to its motto “a bag for me”, tech air brings choice in colours and a full range of compatibilities.


From the most “hip” purple neoprene models (Z0319/ Z0320) to the jazzy black with red accents (Z0305/Z0306).