No matter what your business is you want it to stand out. From Formula 1 to pharmaceuticals, the world’s competitive and you have to be too. That means using equipment that works for you. It also means standing out from the crowd. Bespoke products do both of those things. Easily.

Why does anyone need bespoke laptop bags and backpacks?

They’re just bags, right? Who cares whether they’re cheap laptop bags or luxury laptop bags, as long as they do the job… Right? Wrong! Here’s why going bespoke will not only make sure you’re using technology solutions that are best suited to your business, but might just make you stand out from the crowd too.

Bespoke is practical

Every business is different. So when you’re looking for the best laptop bags for your business or your customers’ business, they won’t necessarily be the same as the best choice for someone else. That means that a laptop bag or laptop backpack might not work for your business, or might not be exactly what you want. A bespoke technology solution in our field can be anything from a tablet case with your branding on it to a custom-made laptop backpack. But often, the driving force behind the creation of a bespoke bag is practical – because you need something that fits your business’s needs.

15.6 Eco Backpack Lifestyle Image 2 from techair TAECB001

Bespoke shows you’re better

You’d like to think people won’t judge a book by its cover, but your kit tells people about your brand long before you’ve shaken their hand, handed them a card or had a chance to tell them your story. That means the computer luggage you’re carrying, from laptop carry cases to backpacks and shoulder bags, matters.

If you or your customer has got the standard-issue kit, even if they’re the best laptop bags out there, you run the risk of blending into the background. But if you’re carrying bespoke gear – whether it’s been designed specifically for you or has been personalised to carry your own branding – you’ll get noticed. And for all the right reasons.

Where can I buy bespoke laptop bags?

Surprise surprise. We happen to sell them at techair. From adding people’s branding to our current ranges to designing custom-made products for customers, we get that bespoke products are often on people’s shopping list.

Some of the products we now stock as part of our ranges actually started their life as a bespoke product, like our eco backpack. We originally designed that as a bespoke product for a customer and it proved so popular that it sparked off a whole eco range.

How do you make bespoke products?

The journey to a bespoke product starts with finding out exactly what a customer or client needs it to do. We need to know what the challenge is. With laptop bags that could be all the ‘pain points’ a customer has found with their current bags or what their needs are. How often those bags break, what laptops they need to carry, what size they need to be. We need to understand what the product needs to do and what it needs to be carrying. Then we go away and design from scratch a product that fits exactly what our client needs.

Making something bespoke takings everything into account – the kind of fabric we need to use, from luxury to hard-wearing, to what the bag needs to do – how its storage works, where the pockets are. Stuff like that. And then we can make it!

Some of techair’s best branded laptop bags

We’ve created quite a few bespoke laptop bags in our time, but a few stand out. You’ll remember we’ve spoken about the ‘Eco bag’. That started life as a brief from our client Accenture, who wanted a bespoke backpack that met a few criteria, including being lightweight and being made of recycled material. We went away, thought about it, and came up with the eco bag, which is entirely made of plastic bottles. That journey gave us the impetus to consider the eco agenda more widely, and since then we’ve expanded our range to include five products. We’re even looking at other eco-friendly factors like recycled paper for swing tags and biodegradable plastic bags.

Another bespoke product was a trolley we designed for Slimming World. Slimming World needed to find the right computer luggage that could accommodate the equipment its reps take with them to meetings, including laptop, tablet and weighing scales. We came up with a trolley bag that is deeper than standard to take all their kit and personalised it to Slimming World so it’s a walking (or wheeling) advert for what they do.

Slimming World Bespoke Trolley Bag from techair

How do I buy bespoke or custom-made laptop bags?

It’s easier than you think. All you need is a minimum order quantity of 50 units and a logo and we can add the branding for you.

We do our branding work in the UK so for many orders we only need about two weeks from the date you place the order, although for large volume orders we can do it at source in the Far East which might take a little longer.

For custom-made products, we’ll need to check it’s something we can do, but we’re certainly not new to it so get in touch and see how we can help you.