The idea of ‘Back to School’ is a bit different this year than it has been previously. The majority of pupils haven’t seen the inside of a classroom since March thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, with only a few year groups returning as lockdown restrictions eased. The government has put plans in place for schools in England to re-open to all pupils but everyone is aware by now that things can easily change.

It’s no secret that times are uncertain – and so are parents. In July, a survey by London-based childcare service Koru Kids found that at least one in ten parents (13%) were not convinced about sending their children back to school in September, with 53% of those parents listing coronavirus safety fears as a reason for concern.

It’s hard to predict what will happen days down the line, let alone weeks, but that doesn’t mean schools can avoid planning. The potential returns of pupils in September brings a need for preparation in abundance, especially when it comes to technology and equipment. Timelines are tight, and schools need to know they can rely on suppliers who can get what they need with short turnaround times and cater for any unexpected needs and demands.

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What are the best laptop sleeves for heading back to school?

With technology more important than ever when it comes to education, laptop bags, backpacks and sleeves are vital for keeping valuable equipment safe. Techair offers a wide range of computer luggage, equipment and accessories, catering for everyone from commuters to large organisations as well as the education sector.

A popular range for schools are our range of laptop sleeves. We supply black neoprene sleeves for 13inch and 15inch laptops. Lightweight and easy to carry, they have a contrasting yellow, faux fur inner lining and provides the perfect protection for laptops around schools and colleges.

We also offer the Evo sleeve for 13″ laptops. Made from textured polyester with a soft faux-fur lining, it’s stylish as well as practical and also has a zip-up pocket for any cables and accessories.

Ordering bespoke laptop bags for schools

If schools are looking for something a bit different for the start of the academic year, techair can also provide bespoke laptop bags, cases and sleeves for organisations. From adding embroidery to creating our own adaptable branding, we can ensure we provide back to school bags that really stand out from the crowd.

Our bespoke process is simple and easy and provides solutions to exactly what a specific client needs. If it’s just a logo that you need, it’s even more straightforward and all we need is a minimum order quantity of 50 units and a logo, then we’re good to go.

We do our branding work in the UK so for many orders we only need about two weeks from the date you place the order, although for large volume orders we can do it at source in the Far East which might take a little longer.

Why is techair the best choice for schools?

Techair is a tried and trusted supplier for the education sector. Whether it’s our standard bags and sleeves people need or something more bespoke, we are used to fulfilling large orders to equip schools, colleges and other educational establishments ready for when they head back to school.

Our products are hard-wearing, stylish and offer great value for money, plus we offer the option to add branding for your school or organisation.

We also offer a lifetime warranty, which means if there is any kind of manufacturing defect we will accept the return and send you a replacement. That’s the kind of faith we have in our kit.

Can I order laptop bags for schools last-minute?

We know things are uncertain, especially when it comes to whether schools will actually return in September as planned, or whether things could change. We know that makes it hard for schools and other educational organisations to plan ahead.

At techair we hold a large amount of stock in the UK, which means we’re perfectly placed to deal with any last-minute orders. We’re also used to catering for larger opportunities and can offer pricing support to make sure you get the most competitive deal possible. We know how difficult things are at the moment, and we’re here to make sure we can help everyone get back to school with the laptop bags and cases that they need.